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How To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Pregnant

Has your female rabbit has been with a male rabbit, but you’re not so sure if she’s hit the motherland and gotten pregnant?

That’s good news, if true!

Here are some clues to prove that she is really pregnant.

1. Lumps- When you put your rabbit in your laps or an enclosure with her head towards you, it’s an oppurtunity to examine her carefully!

Gently put your right hand under her stomach with your palm facing upwards and cupped a bit. Gently try and feel around her tummy with your remaining four fingers on one side of her stomach and your thumb on the other. Push softly and gently, lifting up her back legs a little. You can now slide your hand up and down her stomach. If you feel a kind of soft little grape-sized lumps in a row on both on the sides of her abdomen, then it’s celebration time!

She’s definitely pregnant! 🙂

2. Irritability– When you notice this, then it’s the first clue that your female rabbit is pregnant.

She may growl at you when you open her cage door, but don’t worry , it’s a sign something is going on in her system.

After her babies are born, she’ll go back to her sweet self. A rabbit’s gestation period is often between 30 to 32 days, so you don’t have to wait for 9 MONTHS 🙂

3. Digging On The Ground Of Cage- Around the two week pregnancy mark, your female rabbit will dig in her cage. She’ll frantically scratch the bottom of the cage, but it’s actually a good sign that she’s taking motherhood seriously. In the wild, rabbits dig burrows when they’re pregnant, your rabbit is following her instincts, which is purely natural!

4. Building Her Nest- A pregnant rabbit will start to make her nest around 28-29 days into her pregnancy. She’ll pull fur from her stomach and part of her bodies to line the nest. You can add extra straw or hay for her to add to the nest. Pregnant mother rabbits gather hay in their mouths like a bird builds his nest. Usually a doe clams down after she’s built her nest.

5. Jerks and kicks Signs On Her Body-As the day for birthing approaches, you’ll see signs of jerks or kicks on your mother rabbit’s sides when she’s laying down. These are the baby rabbits announcing their presence and desire to come out. If you see this, your rabbit is definitely pregnant!

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