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Tips On Selection Of Foundation Stock For Your Rabbit Farm by (Ramon Malik Adekunle)

New farmer tend to ask this question: Which breed is the best?

Which breed can i start with? I want to stock more which breed will you advise me to stock?

After this short article you will be able to decide which breed is best for you.

Now to selections of foundation stock Selections of foundation stock. Must be considered base on some factors. Because it determines your success and how far you will go in industry.


It will be categorize into 3 :

  1. purpose of production.
  2. available market.
  3. Fast growth,resistant to disease With other factors.

1. Purpose of production.. (a) Meat rabbit(b) Pet rabbit(c) Breeding stock.(d) Fur purpose

2. Available market . Before you embark on rabbitry business.. Make provisions for marketing.. That is the end means…

3. Fast growth . Hardness, ability to resist to disease.

Example of breed that are meant for meat are .California, newzealand, hyla cross, California. Almost all breeds can be use for meat production with little or serious genetic manipulation

Pet breeds are Angora and lionhead rabbit., flemish giant, herliqueen, pendular breed

Breeding stocks this are rabbit selected from all breed because they possess high qualities among others because it meet the requirements or taste of such breeder Fur purpose … Angora and Rex though the area is yet to be productive here in Nigeria

After treating purpose of production, let move to available market.

What is the purpose of having 100s of rabbit and you are not able to turn it to money?…

With rabbit if you follow the rule you will always smile to bank

Select breed that you have buyer for and you can easily market…

The rabbit breeds currently leading the market presently are:

  1. Pure New Zealand white
  2. Hyla
  3. Angora
  4. America chinchilla.

Provided they are of good quality… You don’t need to be looking for buyer.. Buyer keeps looking for you.

Don’t be surprised if you keep valuable stock people won’t mind booking down there kitts before Weaning Dutch is also considered due to hardness,Good mothering Instinct, nearly every farm have this or started with this breed (Dutch)

Fast. Growth .. Should be considered when selecting foundation stock.. Good rabbit should attained table size at 4months. It’s also achievable at 3months


Physical characteristics to be considered when selecting foundation stock are

1. minimum of 8 nipples

2. no scrotal issue in buck, bright and alert eye no mono-eyed or any form of discharge

3. body conformation to breed standard must be considered.

4. Record of the parent stock must be considered. Parent stock with following trait shouldn’t be considered aggressiveness, cannibalism,

5. Too old rabbit shouldn’t be considered for parents stock because as they get old production set to decline.

6. It’s always advisable to buy your foundation stocks from trustworthy farmers or base on recommendations.

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