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Critical Factors & Guidelines That Contributes To Huge Success In Rabbit Farming

To be a successful Rabbit Farmer, adequate supervision and experience all-round is required, in other to be able to balance every single area and aspect of the farming business.

The below mentioned points as mentioned by Bella Farms highlights major areas that should be looked into by every farmer:

1. Knowledge and right mentorship.

You cannot give what you don’t have. Get the knowledge first so that you won’t be shifting blames. Right knowledge will help you to carryout root cause analysis. Some farmers don’t know that there is something called post-mortem. You cannot keep rabbit on a commercial level without good basic knowledge.

2. Good housing set up.

Good housing promotes rapid growth and reduces mortality.

3. Good Hygiene

4. Quality Foundation Stock.

5. Right proportion of male to female to avoid reproduction issue.

Many farmers fail in rabbit breeding because they are stingy to invest in good bucks. Some farmers get 1 buck and 20 Does; and they expect magic especially during dry season.

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6. Timely pregnancy detection technique.

Time is money. Rabbit Farmers should be able to discover pregnancy after 1week or worst case scenario 12 days after mating.

Knowledge is power. It makes you work smart and not hard.

7. Quality Feeds and good feeding system.

8. Approach to health issue.

Proactive rabbit farmers do better than Reactive farmers. Rabbitry is about preventive measures and not curative measures.

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9. Definition of purpose.

You need to define the model and approach to your rabbit farming system. Do you want to be grooming rabbits and selling at maturity? Do you want to be merchandising rabbits (this is very common and most rabbit merchants were wrongly perceived as Gurus), you can be breeding rabbits, you can be processing rabbits, you can focus on pet grooming and breeding etc. This determines your approach and who you seek advice from. Don’t copy answers of a student writing Economic Exam paper while you are writing Chemistry Exam.

10. Marketing.

One of the habits of highly effective people in life is to begin with the end in life. I said it yesterday that production is not complete until it gets to final consumer. In fact, permit me to say that production is useless without market. Define your target market.

You can be producing for Suya Spot, your family, friends, colleagues, supermarket, fellow breeders, Boarding Schools, Offtakers, Mobile Collection Centres etc. The choice of your target market will influence your farm set-up and profitability.

11. Ability to define your Span of Control.

Keep rabbits that you can manage and supervise well. Every expansion has limit to which an individual can manage subject to several factors.

Reference: Bella Rabbit World

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