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Latest Update On RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) virus in Nigeria – October Updates

So far, low incidents has been reported in regards to the RHD Virus occuring in Nigerian Farms, we thank God for this.

RHD, just like the Global Covid-19 has come spend some time with us, the only way to curb this menace from our land, is by ensuring necessary measures as mentioned on our last posts ,

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What You Need To Know About RHD (RABBIT HEMORRHAGIC DISEASE) – Dr. Theo’s Analysis On RHD, Symptoms & Solution


These preventive measures would go a long way in curbing this RHD from our farms and allow us continue our business on a full scale.

One important factor we should note, is carefully watching, investigating and minding the farm in which you seek to procure rabbits from. Investigate very well, to be sure the farm doesn’t have an history of the virus earlier. (Remember the virus can stay as long as 3 months) if all healthy measures are not taken to clear the affected farm of the virus.

Always ensure you take the following measures:

1. Disinfect your farms regularly.

2. Avoid stressing of rabbits.

3. Boosting the immune system of our rabbits via mentioned options above.

4. Ensure High biosecurity level always.

5. Try as much as possible to avoid visitors in our farm, and if you would welcome any, get a standby sanitizer, to be applied to visitors visiting.

6. Where possible, avoid buying and selling of rabbits during this period.

7. If you doubt the source of any grass or feeds, pls avoid it.

8. If you have access to Vaccine, use it rightly.


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