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Tips To Taking Care Of Your Weaner Rabbits, Rabbit Farmer’s Gateway To A Flourishing And Plenty Tomorrow

Weaners are like the youths of tomorrow when compared to human youths.

They need adequate care and affection in other to achieve plans of the farmer owner.

If Care not taken , all kits can be lost before you know it, thats why special care must be given to the kits for a higher chance of survival .

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The following should be followed for high survival and performance of your weaner rabbits:

1. As kits, we should ensure they have enough intake of milk from their mother before being weaned, in other to acquire in full all necessary vitamins and minerals to pickup. This is very important, the more you are able to satisfy this stage of their starting life , the more you can smile to their rapid growth. Fortify everything they take at this stage to keep them healthy and have a strong foundation.

2. Be careful on their feed intake. Just as a new born baby, while growing up, very healthy meals n multivitamins are adviced, to help the baby grow with great intelligence and sharpness, same applies here , introduce supplements to them to keep them strong all the way on their journey. Carefully select the grasses they consume, ensure it’s clear from organisms, etc by drying a little before offering them.Also get the right pellets for them, with presence of water always. Providing them with a good pellet would throw them into the fast lane of developing very fast.

3. Make sure you place them in a very serene and spacious environment. At this stage they need fresh air, less heat. Do well to allow good ventilation across their cages, providing enough shelter from sunrays as it isn’t hygienic to the breeds. Make sure their cages are well kept and spacious for fresh air to stroll

4. Always make available immune boosters to always fortify them, this gives you rest of mind from them falling I’ll and suddenly passing away. Also keep their environment clean always, to make it safe from diseases. We can also introduce disinfectants at this stage to minimize any possible chances of virus or diseases crawling in.

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5. Take time to observe them from time to time, in other to identify any possible symptom that sneaked in, and administer right medication. They need special care during this period, close observation is strictly advised.

6. Do well to separate the weaners in terms of gender , to keep them grouped on time, adding to their sense of belonging . This will also further assist when time for grooming comes near.

7. It’s also important to handle them with care during this period, don’t pull them by their ears , I must say this is very wrong, I have witnessed a farmer losing his weaner to this careless act. Manage the way you carry them, it has an high impact on their general body system and wellbeing.

In summary, feed them well, administer multivitamins, this gives them a booster to grow fast, boost their immune, disinfect their environments and keep it clean always, make sure they have access to fresh air and less heat always, and pay special care to them, just as you care for a baby, check them always and be fast to act when you notice any slight changes .

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