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How to know if your Rabbit is Sick or ill

A post by Pefeda Rabbit & Consults .

“Very early this morning, I received a call from a rabbit farmer who came sadly told me of the death of three adult rabbits on his farm last night. In addition, he makes me understand that he did not see the disease coming but still noticed that the dead rabbits had wet tail and a bloated stomach.”

Well, let me tell you again that rabbit physically manifests disease if and only if it has not been threatened for several days. In fact, rabbit most often conceals its disease so as not to appear easy prey in the face of predators in wild . It is for this reason that a farmer must be a very good observer to be able to notice the slightest problem because rabbit really has a very fragile health.

But nevertheless, there are little signs that should alert us and allow us to know that something is wrong.

1.  Your rabbit has lost its appetite.

Personally, you must always check whether the amount of food given to your rabbit the day before has been consumed and if not, you will already have to ask yourself questions because something is wrong.

2.  Your rabbit does not move much .

If the rabbit used to be agitated in your presence, and now he is very calm and isolates itself in a corner of its cage , then it is definitely a sign of health problem.

3.  Your rabbit no longer defecates or the droppings no longer appear as usual .

If a rabbit that does not pee or poo is not normal. Indeed, it is very important to control the quality and quantity of droppings because excretion that is very liquid or having a smaller shape than usual is a sign of a health problem.

4. Your rabbit has runny eyes and / or nose

This is a sign that should not be taken lightly because the eyes and nose should not be runny in rabbits.

5. Your rabbit makes funny noises and adopts very strange postures

You have to be very careful with the rabbits. If your rabbit starts making abnormal noises such as grinding his teeth, then it is a sign that he is suffering in his flesh. A sick rabbit adopts unusual postures such as pressing its belly against the ground, bending down and isolating itself in a corner with the head tilted, it limps, turns in circles on itself … in this case it will be necessary act quickly.

Finally, it is very important that I tell you this:

In fact, given the rabbit’s fragility in terms of health, it is very difficult but not impossible for a rabbit to fully recover from a disease (of a digestive nature) which has been eating him for more than five days.

This is why it is important to prevent disease in rabbits.

From there, a question arises: << how do you prevent diseases in rabbits? >>

Let’s know your opinion in the comments section below.

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