Rabbit Tips

Short Story About A Rabbit Zombie

A story by Ibuchim Roland (FB)

… So, I woke up and my dog was laying on the back patio, covered in dirt, with a rabbit in it’s mouth.

The rabbit was not looking stained with blood, just dirty.

I remembered my neighbor’s kids raise some blue striped rabbits… I instantly knew it was one of theirs 😢

I immediately took the rabbit away from my dog, rushed inside, and washed all the dirt off it before my neighbors could get back home.

It was stiff, but I remembered some animals do play dead when they are afraid… but I couldn’t remember which ones.
I took it and placed it back in one of the cages in their back yard, then I ZOOMED back home. (Don’t judge me 😒)

About 30 minutes later, I heard my neighbors screaming, so I went out and ask them what’s wrong?

They told me their rabbit had died about three days ago and they buried it, but now, it’s back in the cage. 😳😳😳

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