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Managing and Getting Steady Customers and Demands For Your Rabbit Farm

Rabbit Business is a profitable and very interesting business to venture into, if full understanding of breeds and marketing is well taken care of.

Please can I cross my white new Zealand buck with a Dutch doe? What are the likely outcome?

The following would guide and help you push your rabbit business higher, with continuous demands from your farm:

  1. Try and build your brand: a trusted brand goes a long way in showcasing your business(Your rabbits). Make a logo or banner for your farm business and post on your WhatsApp status, together with benefits of rabbit meat for the body

Try and get a nice and very catchy banner with your information and phone number on it.

How to know if your Rabbit is Sick or ill

  2. Regularly post on your timeline (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) . Also join related Rabbit Farming Facebook groups and pages. Join WhatsApp groups with real rabbit farmers

      3. Start A Rabbit Barbecue Business : Try and bring the products nearer to your neighborhood, by trying to start a barbecue or meat joint introducing the meat to your customers, they will definitely ask for more! The meat taste is unique for them to stop asking.

Make your research and try to make your meat unique and standout with your discovered sauce. With this, people will start asking for more on your business and definitely patronize you.

Understanding The Difference Between Breeding Stocks and Meat Stocks in Rabbit Farming Business

4. Seek oftakers  who buys rabbits from farmers in bulk once you meet the criteria for buying.

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