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Why Tag or Label Your Rabbits ? Benefits Of Tagging Your Farm Breeds

We will be discussing couple of reasons why your rabbits should be tagged.

There are plenty reasons why your rabbits should be tagged.  Check below for various reasons why you should tag your farm breeds:

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  1. Identification of rabbit age: It’s best to keep record of how old your breeds are. This is best done when they just gave birth, and are weaned. You can keep the weaners in a particular cage, and label appropriately with the date of birth. This will help during sales, to be able to provide an accurate birth old.
  2. Identification of rabbit sex: When you label a particular cage with the particular sex of rabbits, it makes it easier for you to locate and take certain steps, instead of going through physically checking their reproductive organs for signs of gender.
  3. Separation of breed with recent diseases or symptoms: When you notice a particular breed is showing signs of not being well or has been ill of recent but treated, it’s best to separate such breeds in a particular cage and label accordingly. This will help monitor the breed very well, before returning to previous stock.
  4. Separation of different breeds: When you have more than a particular breed of rabbits in your farm, especially those who look similar, it’s best to put them in different cages, and label with the name of such breeds. This will make it easier for you during sales or crossing to be able to pick such breeds and perform actions .
  5. Breeds under medication :  When you have a breed or more under medication, it’s best to separate such, and label them accordingly . This will help you to be able to monitor and track how well they are recovering from their diagnosed illness.

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Note: You can also tag the rabbits physically, if you are able to get customized tagging products specially made for rabbits, which can be mounted on their ears for individual identification.

We can get items of tagging at supermarkets, stores and veterinary shops. You can also have yours customized and printed for use.


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