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Do you know that RABBIT MEAT is best for Dieting and Healthy Living?

Do you know that RABBIT MEAT is best for Dieting and Healthy Living?

Do you know that RABBIT MEAT is best for Dieting and Healthy Leaving?

Most people say that nothing beats the taste of chicken, but a person who has tasted a slice of that yummy bunny would not agree with that statement.

A bunny (rabbit) has that crisp skin with a deeply nourishing and satisfying flavour. Although it is often overlooked, rabbit contains a lot of health benefits.

Rabbit meat is well known for its high protein content which is even higher than that in beef or chicken.

Rabbit Meat

The meat also provides a wide range of minerals, containing like 204 mg of phosphorous and 292 mg of potassium according to nutritionist. It is rich in proteins,and it has extremely low percentage of fats which makes it the best meat for dieting and muscle building.

One should consider consuming rabbit meat with a serving of vegetables or any kind of soup/stew along with a healthy grain,fufu,eba,two,amala etc.

Less Calories

A serving of the meat contains far less calories than the same size portion of beef and portion of pork. Research shows that the meat is almost cholesterol free and therefore friendly for people with heart problems.

One serving of the meat can provide one with 22.4 percent of the phosphorus one needs in your daily meal.

In terms of nutrition, rabbit has a lot in its favor and is indeed a good source of iron and minerals which people sometimes forget is essential for growth.


Women benefit a lot from the nutrients in rabbit as eating it helps to replenish iron losses women experience during their monthly cycles.

The sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats and the calcium and phosphorus contents of this meat are more than any other meats.

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