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Building That Perfect Home for Your Rabbit Breeds – Nigerian Style

Rabbits, just like humans need a very comfortable and conducive housing to live long and put on a happy mood always . . .  they feel free and more comfortable if they are able to roam and do some rabbit movement skills.

There are varieties of techniques and methods that can be used to successfully build a home for your rabbits.

I will be highlighting some methods to be followed in building a dream house for your rabbits below:



This is one of the most common methods of building a home for your rabbits, either commercial rearing or pets.

There are 2 methods of getting this done:

  • Using wood and furniture works to achieve the rabbit cage.

This requires some furniture expertise to get this done, as various equipment’s are needed to complete the building such as wood, nails, nipple drinkers, mesh wires, roofing sheets and so on. It also depends on the expertise of the carpenter to be able to come up with a very unique and fantastic design.

Of all designs, it is preferable if after building rooms for the rabbits, you also make provision for a playing ground where the rabbits can come down, and run around, exercising their body and limbs.

  • Using mesh wires with roofing mainly.

This is also a trending design, especially for commercial rabbit farmers in making a caged housing for their rabbits. It is also of more advantage, especially when there is little space to manage for such a farm. It involves rooms in which the rabbits are placed, there can be about 5 – 6 rooms in a row, and such cage can be of 4 – 5 stairs.


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This is another method widely used in housing rabbits. It is mostly used when the rabbits are in a large quantity, and roaming is encouraged in such method. This is one of the best methods of rearing rabbits, as the rabbits are exposed to natural environment, grasses, wide space and interaction with the nature around them.

This method is best practiced if the environment is likened to a farm, with natural vegetation’s, which the rabbits can consume. This gives the farmer less stress in taking care of such rabbits, unlike in a caged system.

It also helps such farmland become more fertile as the rabbit poos serves as natural fertilizers to the farmland.

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