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Starting A Profitable And Successful Rabbit Farm Business In Nigeria

Starting A Profitable Rabbit Farm In Nigeria

Agriculture is one area Nigeria, is venturing into, as government’s plan to diversify the economy is being worked on. There are various areas in agriculture that you can venture into, of which livestock farming is one profitable area.

Rabbit farming is one aspect that is gaining trend in livestock farming in Nigeria, because of it’s high turn around. You can invest in Rabbit farming, starting on a medium scale, with a lesser amount, and get profits starting from 3 months!

There are major steps and instructions that must be considered, before venturing into rabbit farming, as less knowledge and idea can kill the business within 3 months. Now, the question is how do you start a rabbit farming business? What are the necessary information I need to be equipped with, before starting?

Rabbit farming business is a very lucrative business, for an entrepreneur who has the talent and passion for animal husbandry and live stock farming.

It is not an expensive venture that needs huge capital to begin, rather, it requires the entrepreneur to have a good knowledge about animal husbandry and how to raise animals.

On a small scale level, you can start it in your backyard. With just two male rabbits and five – six females, a wire cage and well detailed information from an expert or practicing farmer. You must be able to study your rabbits, knowing their mood and behavior, in order to be able to read and know when to administer necessary medications to them.

Rabbit Nature:

Rabbits are highly prolific in nature Rabbits meat is a very nutricious meal, rich in protein and low in calory,with very high demand, as it is medically recommended over red meat. Rabbits have very low mortality rate which is good for the business. Rabbits are not aggressive and require very minimal handling.

Browse common rabbit breeds in Nigeria Here

The below are steps to consider when starting your rabbit farm business

1. Consider the availability of rabbit breeds and materials.

If you are thinking of investing in this business, it is very important that you know how to acquire your materials at a very minimum cost. These includes the rabbits, breeding cages, feeds, concentrates, etc because all these are necessary for the upbringing of the rabbits, in an healthy state.

2. Get the basic knowledge about rabbit care(Reading Online)

This is very important to avoid unnecessary loss due to diseases and high mortality. Get to know about rabbits, starting from their diseases and ailments to their gestation period, feeding pattern, motherhood, etc. You can get all of this information and more, by doing a search online and reading about rabbits.

3. Get a rabbit farming business plan

This is very important especially if you are going to breed rabbits on a commercial scale. You need to plan well, considering every possible details and expenditure, including your financial overhead cost and profit potential.

All you need to know about Rabbit Extensive Management

4. Plan your rabbit housing

It is necessary that a rabbit house be spacious enough, so as to give chance for the young ones and also the growth and expansion of the business. Rabbits can be kept in hutches or in cages. The rabbit cage should be constructed in such a manner that the rabbits will be protected from rainfall and direct sunlight, pests, rodents, prey and ants.

5. How to Feed the rabbits

Rabbits feed on compounded feed or grasses like elephant grass,sun flower leaves, potato, shrubs, bitter leaves, hays, etc. They must be given food at least twice a day. Also, clean and hygienic drinking water must made available for them 24 hours a day as they need to stay hydrated always. It also helps digest their food faster, reducing bloating and other issues. Their containers should be cleaned regular basis for health sake.

6. Motherhood and Production

Rabbits are very prolific in nature and they do multiply rapidly. Rabbits begin breeding from 4 to 5 months of age. The gestation period for female rabbit is between 29 – 31 days and they normally give birth to 5 – 10 kits at once. Rabbits are capable of reproducing 8 times in a year. For reproduction to take place, the buck and the doe should be kept in one place to mate. After that, you have to separate them to avoid complications on the doe pregnancy.One female rabbit is capable of producing up to 80 kits in a year.

How to tell if your rabbit is pregnant

7. Marketing your rabbits(Locally and Online Via Social Media & Websites)

Start by creating awareness among individuals beginning with your families, friends and colleagues, restaurants, hotels, eateries etc. Tell them about the nutritional value of rabbits as well as the economic importance. However, it is advisable that you carry out more research on your own even before you invest a dime in setting up your rabbit farm. You must know the market strategies and the level of demand, as this will help you avoid unnecessary loss and regrets.You can also make awareness online, via social media, and also possibly own a website.

With the above tips, starting a rabbit farm is possible, with very high success rate of the business.

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