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Please can I cross my white new Zealand buck with a Dutch doe? What are the likely outcome?

Please can I cross my white new Zealand buck with a Dutch doe? What are the likely outcome?

Our Opinion On The Question:

The Outcome of the cross between New Zealand and Dutch rabbit seems to be an interesting discussion that has happened earlier, when i researched a little bit on it.

The rate at which the outcome of the Cross converts feed to meat is fairly efficient.

Knowing that dutch rabbits are some of the fastest growers, reaching their full adult weight around 7 months.

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The table below shows the duration first, followed by the rate of meat conversion for the NewZealand, then the Dutch.

Duration   NewZealand   Dutch

8 weeks — 55.9% ——- 60.3%
13 weeks — 59.2% ——- 63.3%
Mature —- 58.2% ——- 62.8%

I think it is worth doing. I would recommend using a Dutch buck and a NewZealand doe based on the findings.

Note: The above was gotten from findings … . But GENERALLY SPEAKING, the outcome shouldn’t be referenced as a serious breed for continuous production .. There’s nothing as good as pure breeds , they make it easier for you to sell breeds without issues of explanation of the breeds in concern .

New Zealand pure is a good breed to have… you might just experiment the crossing, but for best productivity and business wise, pure breed production is still the best.



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